President makes little Dinulya Chanadi’s day

During a rally held in the Kaudulla area recently, a little girl ran towards President Maithripala Sirisena, hugged and greeted him on arrival.

The name of this little visitor who came to meet the President is Dinulya Chanadi who resides in Amunugama area in Medigiriya with her parents.

President Sirisena, who engaged in several programmes held in Medigiriya, on Thursday did not forget to visit the house of Dinulya Chanadi and inquired about her well-being.

Even though exhausted due to his busy schedule, President Sirisena was seen engaged in a very cordial discussion.

Dinulya Chanadi’s parents said since a very young age, she used to watch the programmes of the President on television while uttering various things and smiling.

When she got to know of the President’s visit to the Medigiriya, Kaudulla area, she asked her father to take her there to see the President.

Even though she visited the place, she was not able to go near the stage. When she walked towards the stage, security officers tried to stop her. However, the President on seeing this asked them to allow her to come on to the stage.

The small girl went to the President and waited until the end of the meeting.

President Sirisena who visited the house of Dinulya Chanadi noticed several newspaper articles written regarding the previous meeting with this little girl and photographs of himself kept at her home.

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